Hand Painted Signs offer

several advantages that you just can't beat:


For starters, each sign is its own unique work of art.

You just can't beat the look of a Hand Painted Sign. Hand Painted Signs have a greater degree of shading, lighting, texture, and depth. Vinyl means you're getting a reproduction, so images don't appear as clear and concise. Remember: For That Custom Touch, You Gotta Have a Brush!

Hand Painted Signs are Long Lasting.

Hardluck Studios exclusively uses 1shot oil base gloss enamel paints that provide outstanding durability and fade resistance. These gloss enamel paints turn into a hard plastic when they dry, making them extremely tough. We also go that extra mile by adding a 2-part automotive clear coat finish to each of our signs for added protection from sunlight and weather. So your sign will last for years; in spite of our harsh Alaska winters and long days of sunlight in the summer.


Our standard sign board is 3/4 inch MDO. MDO is a plywood that's made for sign boards. The board is bound with marine grade adhesives, and epoxy-sealed paper faces for outdoor use. Our signs aren't going to tear or blow away in a wind storm.

A Hand Painted Sign means No Seams, and Less Waste.

We're not constrained by printer paper sizes, so your sign can be as large as you like, and almost any shape that you choose. (Yes, we also do custom shape signs.)

Our Paint Adheres to almost Any Surface You Choose to Use for Your Advertising Needs:

Metal, Wood, Glass, Plastic, and Concrete...You name it, chances are we can paint on it! This means we can paint your business advertising right on to your building if you like, and it will stay put!

We do Gilding and Reflectives, too.

This means we can add eye-catching metal leafing to your sign, in gold silver, bronze, and copper. Or add glass beads to the paint so your sign can light up in the sun, from a lamp, or when vehicle headlights shine on it.

Free Professional Consultations With The Artist

Maximize the impact of your sign with the help of a prefessional consultant. We'll tour your facility, complete a sign needs analysis for your business, and recommend sign and graphic solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you need a signage upgrade or a complete makeover, we'll consult with you from start to finish. To shcedule your free consultation, contact us at hardluckstudios@hardluckstudios.net, or call us at 907-374-7857. We're open for business from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

One Last Thing:

We do digital imaging, too. So you can create advertising media such as business cards, T-shirts, and fliers from your original hand crafted and hand painted signage.

1 shot enamel paint